Bodegas Baron Micaela Palo Cortado



These are wines produced from very fine must, initially fortified to 15% (Manzanilla) by volume and their casks are marked with a “Palo” or slash. Once the sobretabla stage is complete, if the tasters note the existence of a certain characteristic in some of the casks in which the flor has been maintained, they will mark it as a potential Palo Cortado by drawing a horizontal line across the original slash mark. The wine is then again fortified to above 17% by volume, thus redirecting the wine towards  process of oxidative ageing.


A wine of great complexity which combines the delicate bouquet of an Amontillado with the body and palate of an Oloroso. Chestnut to mahogany in colour with a complex bouquet which harmonises the characteristic notes of Amontillado and Olorosos reminiscent of bitter orange and lactic notes suggestive of fermented butter. It has a deep, rounded, ample palate with smooth, delicate aromatic notes signing off on a delicious, lingering finish.

Wine Analysis

Wine of Origin : Jerez-Xerez-Sherry, Spain.

Palomino Fino 

Total Acid: 5.0 g/l
Residual Sugar: 5.0 g/l
Alcohol: 18.7% 
Average Ageing: 25 years