Bodegas Baron Xixarito Oloroso



This wine comes from the complete fermentation of ‘Palomino’ grapes. ‘Olorosos’ are “vocational” wines; it’s special structure advise tasters selection for the oxidative aging. The initial heading to 17% alcohol prevents the development of ‘velo de flor’, so the wine ages whilst exposed at all times to the slow action of oxygen through the traditional ‘criaderas’ and solera system. The slow water loss through the walls of the barrels promotes a continuous process of concentration of flavours leading to its complexity.


With pronounced aromas of dried nuts, such as walnuts, toasted notes and hardwood, truffles and leather. Powerful, round and full-bodied with long aftertaste and complex aromas.


Wine of Origin : Jerez-Xerez-Sherry, Spain.

Palomino Fino 100%.

Total Acid: 5.0 g/l
Residual Sugar: 5.0 g/l
Alcohol: 19.2%
Average Ageing: 15 years