“Corinthian” Wine Stopper


Don’t want to over drink that nice bottle of wine? Put a Stopper to it! Introducing the great looking “Corinthian” Wine Stopper. It is easy to use with a lever that applies pressure to an expanding plastic membrane for tight fit to the neck of the bottle, ensuring the remaining wine is air tight and ready for storage


Body work of stainless steel and plastic combines for sturdy structure and great looks.

Hygenic and easy to clean ensures the wine is kept in good condition. Avoid using the original cork, dirty, damaged and has a big hole in it!

Works on 99% of all wine bottles, including Champagne and Sparkling Wines to ensure those precious bubbles are retained for days after opening!

No more twisting and yanking those awkward to use wine plugs that spoils the fun and damages your wrist!

Store upright in a cool / refrigerated environment for optimum results.